Speculative Engineering

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A series of essays on what might have been and what may yet be for the improvement of Humanity.

GO TO: Prologue


GO TO: George Washington's Revolver Rifle

GO TO: Hans Christian rsted's Dynamo

GO TO: Galileo's Semaphore Telegraph

GO TO: Heron's Steamboat

GO TO: Queen Victoria's Computer

GO TO: Andre Norton's World

GO TO: Cugnot's Automatic Steam Dray

Civil Engineering

GO TO: On The Evolution of Civilization

GO TO: The Rule of Law

GO TO: Social Engineering

GO TO: The Negative Income Tax

GO TO: Temporal Vampires

GO TO: The Ideal Corporation

GO TO: Robotic Socialism

GO TO: Disarming America

GO TO: Autodredging Rivers

GO TO: The Trans-Africa Railroad

Fresh Water

GO TO: Oceanic Reverse Osmosis

GO TO: Mist Desalination

Prime Movers

GO TO: Orogeno-Electric Power

GO TO: Thorium Fission Power

GO TO: Solar Power: The Turbojet Ploy

Secondary Movers

GO TO: Ammonia-Based Fuel Cells

GO TO: Rubber Motors

GO TO: Handling Antimatter


GO TO: Robotic Clerks

GO TO: Omniphage

GO TO: Omnifex

    GO TO: Creating the First Omnifex

    GO TO: Omnifex Power

    GO TO: Failsafe

    GO TO: Omnifex Industries

    GO TO: Free Drugs

Pest Control

GO TO: Burmese Pythons

GO TO: Tumbleweeds

GO TO: Fire Ants



GO TO: California AutoRail

Getting Into Space

GO TO: Inertial Acceleration of Small Bodies

GO TO: The Space Shuttle Main Engine

GO TO: A Cosmic Funicular

GO TO: A Cislunar Civilization: Townships in Space

In Deep Space

GO TO: Fermi's Question

GO TO: The First Missions to Mars

GO TO: Asteroid Deflection

GO TO: Astropolis

GO TO: TerraJove

GO TO: Terraforming Venus


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