Ode to a Glitch


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Disparage not the artistic error:

for in it lurks a philosopher's terror.

Only God, they say, can create perfection,

so the artist creates a blemish for our protection.

Artists say that they err to avoid making God jealous,

but I fear that they may have been a bit overzealous.

Ask anyone who plays the physics game

and he or she will likely claim,

"Originally equal and opposite, no doubt,

matter and antimatter should have canceled perfectly out.

Only photons and neutrinos in space there would be

and no matter, no life, afloat in the Cosmic Sea.

But at the Creation or some time latter

a cosmic error created more matter."

Now I conceive a thought truly odd.

In practicing reverence do the artists mock God?

Heaven forbid! I intended to say.

But to answer that prayer there is only one way.

If God should ever want to see Its error corrected,

It need only decree, "Universe! Be perfected!"


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