Norway's Revenge

Yeah, this could have happened.

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The great war had ended, the guns were silent, in ruins most of Europe lay,

and Germany, the vile enemy of all, had a terrible price to pay.

Their economy destroyed, their cities smashed flat, most Germans had to live in the street.

In makeshift shelters they shivered with cold and rarely got enough to eat.

The call went out to the Allies, across the continent, to send the Germans some food.

But when the call reached Norway the Norwegians, remembering the Occupation, were not in a generous mood.

But the Norwegians are, at heart, a decent folk who won't kick a man when he's down,

so the call went out across the whole of Norway, to every city, village, and town.

In their greed the Germans had taken too much; to give more would put the nation at risk,

but then the people remembered their treasure, hidden away, their vast stores of lutefisk.

The people had never been so saddened before; in the streets the toughest men openly wept.

But before them the humane obligation stood, a promise that had to be kept.

Shipload upon reeking shipload went out as seagulls fell dead from the skies.

The Germans were expecting something good. Boy, were they in for a surprise!

Whole port cities emptied out, the people fled, as the Norwegian ships arrived.

But when the last of the boiled shoe leather was gone, the Germans ate the lutefisk and survived.

It couldn't have worked out better if the Norwegians had planned it that way.

They were able to do the decent thing and still for their atrocities make the Germans pay.

So now the Germans are a peaceful lot and will never make war again, I'll bet;

for Norway had wreaked a horrible revenge that the Germans will NEVER forget.


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