The Neanderthal Testament

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In the land of forests, in the Age of Ice, our two primitive peoples met;

Cro-Magnon and Neanderthal, though those names were not called out yet.

They lived together, side by side, long before History's dawn,

trading and sharing ideas, then suddenly one was gone.

When they were rediscovered in Neander's vale, through fossils excavated,

prejudice recoiled and then decreed that they must have been thoroughly hated.

To our eyes they were ugly brutes that our ancestors must have wiped out,

but those who know Neanderthals will offer reason for doubt.

Our peoples were as different as horses and asses, so under biology's rules,

the offspring of their marital cross-unions were always as sterile as mules.

Thus one species' proportion declined while the other species' grew.

Did they understand what they did to themselves? More likely they never knew.

So there was no bloody genocide, only our childless misbegotten,

but the saddest part of the tragedy is that the Neanderthals were soon forgotten.

If only our culture had remembered what might have happened on that day

when in peace the world's last Neanderthal finally passed away,....

Surrounded by Cro-Magnon neighbors as she faced her coming death

she might have told them something important as she exhaled her final breath.

"Do not believe that your inherent nature toward racial hatred tends,

because for sixty thousand years both of our peoples chose to be friends."


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