Monkey Business

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Give a monkey a hammer and set him on a bomb.

Soon he'll be pounding the ordnance with oblivious aplomb.


We know it won't be long before he delivers an ill-advised knock.

And then the poor, dumb monkey will get a truly nasty shock.


Now make the monkey an analogy with that poor benighted gang

of boys and men who trigger their own hard-scorching bang.


Foolishly they do what no wise lad or mister would

as they irritate the deceptively meek and passive sisterhood.


And among the most foolish we find certain silly boys

who seem to believe that girls are nothing more than toys.


"Can't you take a joke?" they sneer if the girls should cry "Foul!"

But if their "joke" is turned back on them, oh, hear their outraged howl.


It's the monkey with a hammer who likes to push girls down.

He thinks it makes him look big and manly, that imbecilic clown.


Now we know that a word to the wise should be sufficient,

though more words are necessary for the mentally deficient.


Nonetheless, all boys and men stand properly forewarned -

that Hell hath nary a fury to match the wrath of a woman scorned.


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