Song of the Junior Anti-Sex League

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I conceived this little joke in the 1990's, at the time when certain feminist extremists were loudly honking the "All sex is rape" horn. I wondered what George Orwell would have made of that scene. This can be sung to the melody of "Santa Claus is Coming to Town".


You better watch out, you better not lust.

Don't think about sex or your life will go bust.

        Big Sister is coming to town.

It's double plus good to keep your thoughts clean.

If you think sexy thoughts, she'll rip out your spleen.

        Big Sister is coming to town.

The Thought Police are probing.

        You know they have their ways.

                Don't try to hide your thoughts from them.

                        Being open really pays.

Betraying your friend, obeying your wife;

are you sure this is good? Oh, you bet your life!

        Big Sister is coming to town.

Burning a book? You're doing what's best.

If it mentions sex, you're passing the test.

        Big Sister is coming to town.

She knows what you are thinking.

        She knows what you have said.

                If you think about abnormal sex,

                        You will wish that you were dead.

Obedience makes free. Ignorance makes strong.

Conflict makes peace. So don't you go wrong.

        Yeah, Big Sister is coming to town.


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