Audubon-Fire of the Vanities

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This entry was inspired by Jeff MacNelly's comic strip "Shoe" and is meant to be sung to the melody of "Onward, Christian Soldiers!"

Stanza One:

    A chicken runs a restaurant, an eagle is a cop,

    an owl repairs computers, and a seagull keeps a shop.

        A loon delivers newspapers, often flying low,

        a fish-hawk writes the stories, and the editor's a crow.

Stanza Two:

    Woodpeckers wear hardhats and a white dove is a nurse.

    A blue jay hosts a talk show. A buzzard drives a hearse.

        Everywhere you look you see that feathers are the rule.

        The mayor is a turkey and a gray goose teaches school.


    Clearly this small Southern town is just too weird for words.

    Treetops, East Virginia, is strictly for the birds.


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