Why Perverts Love the Taliban

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We’ve seen the horrors of Afghanistan and this surely isn’t news,

that the Taliban hates women the way Hitler’s Nazis hated Jews.


These ignorant subhuman scumbags are vile through and through,

but child molesters and sadists love the things they do.


Deep in barbarian Afghanistan the morally retarded Taliban

condones the selling of a twelve-year old girl to a corrupt and dirty old man.


And if a woman offends them, their hate-rage burns super-hot.

They want to see her tortured; they whip her before she’s shot.


Woe to the women of Afghanistan if to the Taliban the country reverts,

for once again preteen girls will be raped by overaged perverts.


Elizabeth Cady Stanton got it right: when women are treated like slaves,

then men have no incentive to be good and will act the role of knaves.


No good can come to the world from men who are always seeing

each woman or girl, because they’re female, as a helpless, inferior being.


We grow our true morality as we develop our adult powers,

so that as we grow tougher and smarter we accept that others have rights just like ours.


So in that light we see exposed a secret very poorly guarded,

that every devotee of the Taliban is completely morally retarded.


Yes, the Taliban despises women with a contempt that runs strong and deep,

which explains why they’re a little too fond of their flocks of goats and sheep.


"The Eternal Feminine draws us upward," Goethe told us long ago,

but descent into degradation is where the Taliban wants to go.


Destroying is easier than building; any moron can learn to do it.

It’s easier to avoid responsibility than to take yourself through it.


So sado-masochism appeals to those who fear the female’s test.

When allowed to choose freely, women prefer to choose the best.


Although they deny it, the Talibandits love to dishonor their mothers;

like inferior men everywhere, they gain pleasure from hurting others.


The imams say that this world is merely preparation for the world to come.

If that’s true then we have to conclude that the Taliban is truly dumb.


If there really is an afterlife, then this we know full well:

that, just like Hitler’s demented Nazis, the Taliban will go to Hell.


Oh, gather up a compendium of the Taliban’s anti-female rants

and watch the world’s perverts jerking off gaily into their pants.


Imagine a book written about women raped, murdered, and dismembered.

That gives you a good idea of how the Taliban will be remembered.


Like the Inquisition and the Nazis before them, they’ll leave only one legacy behind;

nothing more than cheap entertainment for the sexually perverted mind.


And this we have to add and hope that they don’t mind,

that a literature of sexual perversion is the only legacy they’ll leave behind.


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