Wahhabi Men

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This poem was inspired by Katha Pollittís column in the 2010 Feb 08 issue of The Nation. In that column Ms. Pollitt told of Nazia Quazi, a Canadian-Indian citizen, whose abusive father lured her to Saudi Arabia and then trapped her there, a despicable act only made possible by the fact that in Sordid Arabia women have all the rights of livestock.


There is a magical kingdom, where women are treated like toys

and the men have the moral values of retarded little boys.


Just like frightened children, they really have no guts;

a liberated woman to them is like a swift kick in the nuts.


Such a rage comes over them when a woman doesnít "know her place."

Some will even express their hate by slopping acid into her face.


Yes, thatís the kind of behavior that exposes the Wahhabi lie.

Before seeing women enjoy freedom they would rather see them die.


Why are Wahhabi men such vile, nasty meanies?

ĎCause under the facade of manhood, theyíre just a bunch of weenies.


Whether she be a fresh young beauty or an age-worn wrinkled hag,

the Wahhabi regards her as nothing more than a perfect punching bag.


To be fair we must note that in a culture severely retarded

the rights of women were never acknowledged, so they could not be discarded.


Imagine the mind-boggling revelation that comes over the Wahhabi when

he discovers that women have inherent rights, just the same as men.


We want to know what women think, to hear their honest voices

and to get that we need to know that those women have real choices.


"Oh, we donít mind," some women say, "we like having men in charge."

Thatís not an honest statement; itís the Stockholm Syndrome writ large.


They say that its morality, but morals can only be strong

in a society where everyone has a say in whatís right and wrong.


This morality is supposed to be about sex, so hereís a little test.

Does this male-dominant morality cultivate in our behavior the best?


Oh, many western men visit this land in an imaginary excursion.

Itís called Bondage and Discipline and itís a major sexual perversion.


Yes, Adventures in Saudi A-rape-ia would fly right off the shelves.

As the inspiration for such pornography the Wahhabis should be ashamed of themselves.


But where else would we be able to find such perverted inspiration

except in the social structure of a morally retarded nation.


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