The Secret

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The secret is out: you need only ask and in your heart believe.

The Universe is just a big Santa Claus, so you must expect to receive.

"Like attracts like" is what we're preaching, 'cause it sounds so much like science.

So much the better to seem high-tech and fool our scientifically ignorant clients.

With nothing resembling morality or decency is this magical thinking imbued,

so the rich can still feel smugly at ease while the poor continue to get screwed.

And the victims of crime deserve what they got, for they must have somehow willed it.

They made the wish, however bizarre, and the Universe merely fulfilled it.

As for that nasty ole Holocaust, here's some heartening news.

Those mean ole Nazis just didn't appear: they were created by the Jews.

This is what we are teaching now to bring ourselves a buck.

It's the perfect scam to foist on folks who don't believe in luck.

Sure, it's Social Darwinism, but we've put it in disguise,

made it seem like something else so our believers don't get wise.

And there will never be a shortage of believers, for every minute another is born.

So expect to receive, my scamster friends: the sheep are ready to be shorn.


2007 Jun 24


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