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A man once cried out to God and asked, "Why does evil exist?

If you're so good and all-powerful, why do you allow it to persist?"

God replied to the startled man in a voice filled with thunder,

"Making me the source of morality is the theologians' greatest blunder.

Good and evil are earthly matters: they just don't concern me at all.

To make me responsible for Humanity's failures takes an awful lot of gall!"


"But what," the man asked, "of our eternal reward, the afterlife that we've earned?

How do you decide who goes up into bliss and who goes down to get burned?"

"Theologians and cartoonists have got it wrong. Preachers and priests as well.

There is no generic Heaven," God said. "There is no generic Hell.

Do you really think I'm so limited that I created only one afterlife?

I can think of no finer way to continue human strife.


Your idea of heavenly bliss might be someone else's pain,

a zero-sum Heaven where somebody loses so that somebody else can gain?


No," God said. "You'll see soon enough when out of this life you're hurled

that your soul will spend all Eternity in its own custom-built world.


Now we come to your morality and what all of you can expect.

In the creation of your afterlife it will have a significant effect.


I truly want to do good for you but I simply can't envision

what constitutes a universal good, so I made a simple decision.


Lest I go very wrong and my vast power I abuse,

I decided that as to what's good each of you must choose.

Whatever you do in this life is good in your estimation,

so that good informs the construction of your final destination.


Now I direct your attention to the point at which I've aimed."

And in His finest Biblical English God then proudly proclaimed,


"The Golden Rule is a law of physics, eternally valid thou shalt see.

Whatsoever thou dost unto others, thy afterlife will do also unto thee."


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