The Woes

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This may be sung to the melody of "The Rose" (Amanda McBroom, 1977).


When the rain swells up the river and makes it flood the land,

and the waterís swirling surges leave you with no place to stand;

when your house is smashed to flinders that the flood then sweeps away,

then itís time to go to FEMA to collect disaster pay.


Well, you bought the flood insurance and that should have been a clue,

that building in a flood zone is a stupid thing to do.

But you didnít heed the message. To your spirit you stayed true,

and built your house right by the river Ďcause you really like the view.


Theyíve removed the shattered houses and the bodies of those killed,

and you come back to your parcel where your house you will rebuild.

From your brain delete the memíries of your loss and of your pain,

and just live in blissful comfort until the water comes again.


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