The Talibandit

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Islam is no different from Christianity

at fulfilling people=s needs.

That fact should not surprise us, for they

grew from the same Semitic seeds.


At their best they lead their adherents

to the highest state of the sublime.

At their worst they provide sacred cover

for the most vile kinds of violent crime.


The worst of the worst of these God-obsessed fools

once took over Afghanistan.

They pretended to be doing Allah=s work

and called themselves the Taliban.


They took advantage of a chaotic state,

one that they helped to destroy,

so that their own intolerant doctrine

upon its people they could deploy.


Now adherence to their ways is not an option;

from all citizens they demand it.

And to enforce their blue laws and fatwas

they have sent the obscene Talibandit.


Like the typical dictator=s bully-boy

he=s incapable of being productive.

The only things he knows how to do

are entirely destructive.


Leave him alone I hear some folks say,

we=ve no right to attack his culture.

But those who would leave his victims to their fate

have the morals of a vulture.


No, I don=t believe we should go after him,

but on our criticism we should not skimp,

because the Talibandit, like the typical rapist,

is a crybaby and a wimp.


You know this guy=s not much of a man,

so, yeah, this won=t come as news.

The Talibandit hates all women

the way the Nutzis hated the Jews.


A pussy-boy with a machine gun,

a sissy with a bomb,

an anal-retentive butt-wipe who

murders girls with cool aplomb.


In his hatred he demands that every woman

from the loveliest houri to the ugliest hag

only appear in public places

when hidden inside a bag.


They call the damned thing a burqa

and it=s certainly not meant as a boon.

One western woman who tried it says

it=s like wearing a hot-air balloon.


And he says that girls= names must never appear

on any school=s attendance roll.

He knows that only ignorant and uneducated

women are easy for him to control.


He=s a total moral imbecile

who just doesn=t know wrong from right.

You can hurt his feelings intensely

just by telling him to fly a kite.


So what can give this bozo

the greatest of worldly pleasures?

It=s taking his biggest cannon

and blasting his nations treasures.


But even that=s not good enough.

He just can=t rest, because

he wants to force everyone else

to pretend to believe as he does.


So what pathetic loser

devised this vile caper?

Why it was half-blind Mullah Omar,

Allah=s very own toilet paper.


Perhaps we should allow this guy

to follow his demented instinct,

to continue to wallow in medieval squalor,

until he and his kind go extinct.


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