The Curse

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I conceived this the evening of 2008 Sep 27 as a parody of "The Blessing".


He set his feet upon a path that too many feet have trod,

seeking to make the really big bucks in the business of selling God.

Taking the hard road and the narrow path? That wasn't for this pious man.

No, he would praise the Lord and glorify God; that was his winning plan.

He looked upon Christ's gentle teachings with a sneer of contempt and disdain.

"If I tried to live like that," he said, "what could I ever hope to gain?"

He sought to enhance his authority. For divine wisdom he claimed he's the perfect conduit.

He would go to the pulpit and speak of God's plan as if he were privy to it.

He wore expensive tailored suits and flashed lots of glittery bling

and said that he's only borrowing it from its owner, Christ, our Heavenly King.

Ignoring the Second Commandment, he made foul promises in the most holy name.

"Give me lots of money," he said, "and God will give you more of the same."

He's a new Johannes Tetzel with a divine indulgence to sell.

"Put money in the plate," he says, "and I will keep your soul out of Hell."

Along a road deeply paved with money he glided with nary a bump or a lurch

as he closed in on his next big project - creating a great mega-church.

"Thousands of people will fill these seats and listen to my oratory

as I praise the Lord and rake in the dough for the sake of Jehovah's glory."

"Lost souls? Don't bug me! I haven't got time. I've got a big sermon to preach.

It will be a Praise the Lord tour de force; yeah, it's gonna be a peach."

With huge amounts of money and power, in this world he has a great reward.

He should have paid more attention to the teachings of the man whom he called Lord.

Nothing lasts forever in this unforgiving vale of tears.

Each of us must face the moment of truth after serving our three score and some odd years.

We would expect great weeping and mourning on the day this holy man died.

But an eerie calm will come over him as he comes out on Death's other side.

Well, I'll be damned, he will say to himself (though the truth of that he won't yet see),

that Bible-istic crap really worked, 'cause the guy in charge is waiting for me.

He will go up to the Son of God and say, "I love you, Lord, I really do."

And Jesus will look at him in puzzlement and say, "Who in Hell are you?!"


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