Ten Stupid Nutzis

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And here we have a parody of an old nursery rhyme.


Ten stupid Nutzis went out on a nature-hike lark,

wandering through the landscape of a remote wilderness park.

    They strolled through the mountains and found an abandoned mine.

    One fell down the mineshaft and suddenly there were nine.

Feeling hungry, they found a bear trap and robbed it of its bait.

A famished bear showed up just then and soon there were eight.

    Lightning cracked and thunder rumbled across the vault of Heaven.

    One raised up his arms in joy and in a flash there were seven.

An unstable rockfall blocked their path, but it was something they could fix.

One pulled out the keystone and when the dust cleared there were six.

    They were starting to feel depressed, though they were glad to be alive.

    Then one stepped on a rattlesnake and not long after there were five.

They found an old forgotten cannon and one looked down the bore.

BOOM! went the cannon and then all at once there were four.

    To find out where they were they climbed a big, tall tree.

    One screamed when he lost his grip and then there were three.

They came to a wide, swift river and knew what they had to do.

But one didnít know how to swim, so then, dripping wet, there were two.

    They had wandered around for hours. Of their senses they were bereft.

    One ate some nice-looking mushrooms and then only one was left.

He broke into the well-stocked cabin of a man who carried a gun.

The owner interrupted the burglary and suddenly there were none.

    Ten stupid Nutzis were from this world of ours violently torn.

    But we canít feel sad, because it actually feels as if ten good people were born.


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