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They=re just a bunch of sourpusses who hate all joy and mirth.

They believe they=re doing Heaven=s work as they create their Hell on Earth.


The prospect of people having fun is hateful in their sight.

They become downright apoplectic if they see you flying a kite.


The sound of music can=t touch their dead souls; they dismiss it with derision.

And woe betide the unfortunate chap that they find watching television.


Look inside a Talibandit=s head and there=s nothing there to find.

He=s a simple fundamentalist robot; he can=t develop a human mind.


They ban all secular education, bombing grammar schools,

because educated children expose them as ignorant fools.


Theirs is an inferior culture, mentally and morally retarded.

They live with primitive beliefs that should long ago have been discarded.


Why would someone degrade himself and join the Taliban?

It=s because he lacks the brainpower to function as a modern man.


So do your share to improve this world. You know that you really can.

For the sake of Islam and its inherent decency, betray the Taliban.



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