Swanee River

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Here we have the irrepressible (as much as we try to repress him) Mr. Jar-Jar Binks singing a hideously deformed version of Stephen Foster’s hit from 1851.


Way down ‘pon de Swanee Ribber

one rainy day,

dere meesa sees de water risin’

den sees mees house float away.


De folks dat know t’ings, dey say don’ worry,

eret’ing be swell.

Den de clouds come and dey pour out buckets.

For days den de raindrops fell.


All de lan’ am wet and soggy.

What did we expec’?

De flood came and made our fields all boggy.

Our whole town am now a wreck.


All day an’ night de rain keep fallin’,

comin’ from de sky.

"Please he’p us," all de folk keep callin’.

Ain’t no place aroun’ dat’s dry.


Meesa gots to go away foreber

in a little boat.

Wid a bucket meesa keeps on bailin’

so dat it will stay afloat.


Chairs and sofas in de water

bobbin’ up and down.

Den meesa sees de really sad part,

watchin’ de ol’ folks drown.


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