This little ode-let stands as an homage to the original, authentic Supergirl, Superman's cousin Kara Zor-El, who first appeared in Action Comics in May 1959 in a feature the ran continuously until 1985.

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Across our sky flies the very picture of perfect angelic grace,

a beautiful example, clad in blue and red, of the mighty Kryptonese race;


She's returning from the moon or Mars or some other far distant place

and now a blast of incandescent air gently warms her face.

At twenty-five times the speed of sound, she coasts across the sky

and sees diamond dust on velvet as the cities of Australia float by.

To the folks in Polynesia she's a shooting star in the night

as she punches into Earth's atmosphere in hypersonic flight.

Passing over Hawai'i, with white-hot light she glows.

She trades kinetic energy for heat as her orbital motion slows.

She sees the sun rise over the vast Pacific and upward then she tips.

Bouncing across the upper atmosphere, like a stone on a pond she skips.

Crossing the California coastline seventy miles below,

still moving at meteoric speed, she has three thousand miles to go.

Over the Rockies, over the Great Plains, over the Mississippi she soars.

As if enraged by her divine presumption, the air around her roars.

She reads the signs in towns far below through her telescopic vision,

finding that she's right on her chosen course, flying with unerring precision.

Ten miles above western New York state she comes below the speed of sound,

no longer projected the soft double thump of her sonic boom onto the ground.

High up in the stratosphere her mode of flight will change.

When sheer momentum no longer provides lift, she will switch to something more strange.

Now something truly unreal occurs; what it is no one can say.

The most fundamental laws of physics offer nothing she is obliged to obey.

Embedded in an invisible aura that our sun bestowed as a gift,

she need only assert her will and, like wings, the aura generates lift.

Her blond hair ripples, her cape flutters and snaps

as she rides a wave of eldrich energy that her superpower nimbus taps.

The spires and towers of the City of Metropolis come over the horizon on her right.

She heaves a sigh of sadness, because she's coming to the end of her flight.

Above the Town of Midvale she rolls onto her side and into a wide descending arc.

In an eyeblink a hidden door opens and closes as she vanishes into the dark.

She has disappeared completely, as if from this universe been hurled.

And in Midvale a chestnut-haired girl gazes longingly toward the wind roof of the world.

She is verily a homesick angel, so she will rarely let a day go by

before she rises up from this sodden Earth to dance again upon the sky.


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