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2007 Oct

A band of moral imbeciles has gained our attention of late,

as over the deaths of America's soldiers they gleefully masturbate.

They position themselves near the funerals and boldly scream and yell

that those who gave their all for their country deserve only to go to Hell.

Even in the turbulent Viet-Nam Era nothing like this was done.

Despite the rumors, nobody spat on those who carried America's gun.

This is truly unique, it's never been done, this insulting of an entire nation.

We can't just turn away and leave it alone; it requires an explanation.

Surely these folks can't believe that we'll accept their point of view.

Responding to insults with acceptance is not what people do.

So what's the motive behind their acts; what drives their vile little game?

They say our soldiers die for the sins of a few and all of us are to blame.

It goes beyond stupidity; of common sense it just has none,

to say that anyone should be held responsible for things they haven't done.

So what's the deal; what do they gain; what possible utility

do they find in committing public acts of obvious futility?

The self-destructive power of guilt should not be under-rated.

Why else put so much time and effort into being thoroughly hated?

Ultimately this affront to America comes from a single sad reality,

of the group's leader's steadfast refusal to confront his latent homosexuality.

They've really become quite boring, these purveyors of anti-gay ill-will

as each of them turns out himself to be as queer as a three-dollar bill.

They should see a good psychiatrist. That's what I recommend.

For something has sent these pathetic souls far around the bend.

But it's not going to happen; for from their position these morons will not budge.

So ultimately their antisocial behavior is up to us to judge.

You may dislike it, but I say they're assholes: the word is a perfect fit,

because all that comes from them resembles a reeking pile of shit.


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