The Theory of Sacred Relativity

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We come into this chaotic world and through one point of view gain information

that our minds cobble into a picture of Reality through the faculty of imagination.

With only one point of view we naturally see our own ways as the best

and believe that what moves not for us defines for all the state of rest.

We cling, like a child to its mother, to the foundation upon which we depend.

But the wisest among us have always known that such dependence we must transcend.

Egocentrism has its subtleties, its masks, and its disguises.

It's a puzzle that we must solve in order to win the greatest of prizes.

From Aristotle through Newton men have proclaimed there's only one space,

only one absolute venue in which absolutely everything has a place.

Then against that doctrine of absolute space we heard Einstein proclaim,

that our world, both mundane and cosmic, has no privileged reference frame.

There is no frame that's only right so that all others must be wrong.

All people have reason to feel right in the myriad frames in which they belong.

The Absolute must be the same for all or It must exist for none.

There is no state of absolute rest: its doctrine we now shun.

From Moses through Muhammad men say there's only one God we must face,

one absolute source of all existence who keeps us all in Its embrace.

If the Universe has no center and it is everywhere manifest,

then the Universe has no God and Its existence is everywhere expressed.

And as light needs no Šther to exist and to support its propagation,

so spirit needs no God to create it and give it validation.

But the speed of light is the Šther and the mark of an absolute frame,

one that no one can hope to reach and for everyone the same.

Lorentz's, Buddha's, Einstein's, Moses':

They're truly all the same.

Maxwell's, Muhammad's, Galileo's, and Spinoza's

theories explore What Has No Name.

Clocks and rulers occupy and mark for our poor eyes to see

the crude Nature whose shape only hints at the Thing that causes it to be.

Scriptures and Rituals occupy and mark for our poor souls to feel

inertial frames of reverence in which the numinous comes real.

Like coordinate grids against which we measure the dimensions of our devotion,

our religions also constrain the shape of our every theological notion.

But turning from one frame to another, being converted as coordinates are done,

is a distance-preserving transformation: it takes you no further from The One.

Nor takes you any closer, for we merely measure within each frame

that which, like the speed of light, is for everyone the same.

Having oriented yourself, you must then let your frame dissolve

as you pursue your goal with the diligence of a lover's firm resolve.

You need no leader or guru. You're entirely on your own.

But you can't quite dismiss the feeling that you're never completely alone.

As a rocket with a booster empty of fuel, you must leave religion behind,

and soar into the beyond on your own resources if it's God you mean to find.

And as a rocket rises beyond the Earth on a cloud of thundering fire,

so you must transcend yourself with endless yearning and desire.

And trust that you will be guided by the gift of an Inner Light

to comprehend the Cause of All in its eternal, silent flight.

As our hands cannot catch and grasp the light that allows us to see,

so our minds cannot fully comprehend the Thing that compels us to be.

Nonetheless we seek and study light for the beauty that it shows

and we seek and study God for the Good that It bestows.

And it matters not whence we come or the road our feet have trod

for all who honestly seek communion all paths lead to God.


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