The Root Cause

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There’s a reason why we seemingly must

wallow ourselves in gluttony, sloth, lust,


envy, pride, wrath, and cupidity.

There is no limit to human stupidity.


Humanity has always had the power completely to unfetter

wasted generations who could have done much better.


There’s a root cause for this, as we soon shall see,

seven deadly sins that make us less than we ought to be.


We had a vision of better things we knew were coming soon;

flying cars, robot helpers, and cities on the moon.


Whatever happened to the future we so eagerly anticipated?

Where are the technological advances for which we patiently waited?


We were caught up in an optimistic science-fiction dream,

of a beautiful parklike land on which futuristic cities gleam.


Then slowly the dream faded with the elapse of corrosive time.

We continue to be plagued by poverty, social decay, and crime.


Our cities are dirty and ugly. They oppress the human soul.

Our abuse of the land is even worse, taking a terrible spiritual toll.


Over anything that benefits us directly now lovingly we linger,

but to help another living thing we won’t even lift a finger.


The centerpiece of religious faith has gone totally out of fashion.

We have simply divested our lives of the virtue of compassion.


Sometime in the recent past we made a fateful decision.

We chose to grub for money rather than serve a sacred vision.


Passionately kissing the mirror, we wage Hobbesian war on others.

Any flicker of decency our swollen egotism quickly smothers.


So we piss and moan endlessly as our world succumbs to decay.

We’d like to make the world better, but we just can’t find the way.


We’re simply much too full of ourselves; for others we have no room.

It’s the deadly sin of pride that has led us to our doom.


But we can abandon this hopeless fate when we can’t endure it any longer.

We’ll find that understanding humility will only make us stronger.


We can build a decent society in which everybody wins

when we eliminate from our culture the mother of all other sins.


We will form a true community and leave Evil no place to hide,

as we abandon the root cause of all our woes, the deadly sin of pride.


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