Random Thoughts

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I’m sitting at my computer, slowly burning out.

On getting more work done, I’m entertaining doubt.


I see leaves turn yellow, then brown, then shrivel up and die.

Then they fall to the ground where, dry and inert, they lie.


Muons come streaming through the trees.

Water dust drifts, wafting on the breeze.


Molecules dance to a slow, sad tune.

They would dance much faster if it were June.


Through my perceptions carefully I sift.

I think I can feel the shudder of continental drift.


Why this particular time and why this particular place?

Why this unique pattern of matter existing alone in space?


As deep into Earth’s cold shadow slowly I am whirled

within my mind many dreams emerge to be unfurled.


I turn on a lamp and see, yes, of course,

heat knitting light from ætherial lines of force.


Or maybe it’s merely atomic jitter

shaking off photons, thence to flitter.


The world’s not as solid as I once naively believed.

To exist, George Berkeley said, is to be perceived.


To matter waves apply the Hamiltonian

and watch fish evolve in the deep Devonian.


Looking out the window at rain all cold and drizzly,

makes me feel as grumpy as a bear all grizzly.



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