Quiet Testament

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Please donít mourn my lonely death or think for me to weep,

for Iíve found an especially easy death. Itís just like going to sleep.


I knew before I started that I risked the possibility of pain,

but that possibility was far outweighed by the thought of what I could gain.


Deep into cold interstellar space I flew my little boat

and often I would emerge from hyperspace between the stars to float.


I can hear Franklin Roosevelt on the radio, fireside chats from a distant star.

I canít even see Sol in the background, the lightís had to come so far.


Freed from all my outer concerns and material distraction,

I could pay my full attention to pursuing active inaction.


Quantum ghostwaves lap gently upon the beaches of my soul.

A pattern in the ripples appears briefly on that spiritual shoal.


Was there something truly real there or was it a mere illusion?

With whatever it was, I know full well, I yearn for intimate fusion.


But how can I be aware of this deep void within my soul?

And who ever told me that filling it would somehow make me whole?


I thought that it might be a fantasy contrived to assuage primordial fear.

But the source of that urge and its satisfaction are now becoming clear.


Relentlessly the urge drove me among the stars to fly.

But now all my roaming is ended as my time has come to die.


Iím leaving these final thoughts in this testimonial text.

My aged body is shutting down and Iím eager to see whatís next.


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