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Once we lived at the center of the world: the Gods had put us there.

We felt certain that for our well-being the Gods would always care.

But growing knowledge expelled us all out of that Edenic world.

Like meteors pitched from godly hands, into the Void we were hurled.

Now we can't seem to remember where the Garden of Eden once lay.

Like a dream fading in morning's light, our connections to it simply went away.

If we are lost, whence did we come that we cannot find our way to return?

Is the likeness of a memory of a better world that for which we yearn?

Did it ever truly exist or is it merely an illusion?

The more we learn, the more we are caught in a vortex of deep confusion.

Between the cold fire of Creation and the passion-storms of the sun

self-organizing chemistry thrives, yet its evolution has only recently begun.

Creatures growing and changing, exploiting genetic opportunity;

from the imperative to evolve or die no species has immunity.

Carrying out mundane tasks of life in daytime's brilliant light,

some transform fear into awe and wonder in the dark of the starry night.

What do they know of this world who only this world know?

We must go beyond the familiar to make our knowledge grow.

When we seek the center of existence, of which we feel bereft,

we return once more to our ancient home and feel as if we never left.

From all gods we must sever ourselves and end our spiritual dependence.

We must build the strength to face the abyss by nurturing self-transcendence.

To transcend ourselves we need to learn to set the world at nought

and measure our worth by what we do and not by what we've got.

What can you know of yourself if only yourself you know?

You must transcend your self-regard to make your spirit grow.

Some say that we are shadows cast into cold, endless night.

But what Form casts the shadow and whence comes the light?

Massy energy spatted on space warps it out of true.

How can that be relevant to anything we do?

Matter and pattern, substance and Form are the parents of us all.

That Platonic doctrine encompasses our history and precludes any Adamic Fall.

By the unchanging laws of physics our Earth continues to revolve

about its sun as endless forms most wonderful continue to evolve.

From chemistry gone wild and the dance of mutation and selection

emerged a creature unique, one capable of introspection.

Alone among all living things, we can think in bare abstractions.

We impose patterns on what we see and then use them to guide our actions.

To every thing and every phenomenon we assign a unique name.

Reality provides the picture and we provide the frame.

And the center of the Universe, we see, dwells where we choose to put it.

It remains there so long as we desire. There's no force that can uproot it.

And in that doctrine we discern a truth that gives us deepest pleasure.

We are not mere specks in an indifferent void, but Reality's dearest treasure.


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