O, Howitzer

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    This may be sung to the melody of "O, Christmas Tree".


O, Howitzer; O, Howitzer;

how mighty is thy thunder!

If enemies attack us now,

they’ve made a major blunder.

You launch a high-explosive round

and smash our foes flat on the ground.

O, Howitzer, you tear our foes’

battle-lines asunder.


O, Howitzer; O, Howitzer;

you smash our foe’s defenses!

When you cough a shell on them,

his soldiers lose their senses.

You make the bad guys turn and flee;

You lead us on to victory.

O, Howitzer, how good we feel

when your firing commences.


O, Howitzer; O, Howitzer;

you prevailed and won the fight.

The enemy gave up at last

and now we see a tearful sight.

No more we’ll hear your fiery bark;

you sit alone in a public park.

O,Howitzer; O, Howitzer;

this thing called peace must really bite.


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