The Privatized Hermit Kingdom

2007 Jul 21

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There is a nation in Asia, so poorly it behaves;

Its pushers live like royalty, its people live like slaves.


As secretive as a criminal, the outside world it shuns

and cowers behind a border that's bristling with guns.


It's a capitalist pig's wet dream, an entire country to rob and plunder

and instead of Pinkertons, a real army to grind the workers under.


Yes, the robber barons of the Gilded Age would stare in delight and awe

if the oppression of this nations workers and farmers they ever saw.


And the media organs of this pathetic state are endlessly berating

any workers who dare suggest that they should benefit from the wealth that they are creating.


Its rulers try to disguise it as a modern Communist nation,

but it really has more in common with an old-time slave plantation.


Like the aristocrats of Ancient France, they bleed their people white,

so they can enjoy the finery of life and party far into the night.


For the masters of this oppressed realm a disguise is certainly in order,

because of the real Communist state that sits on their northern border.


When will this vile government die, when will its emperor be deposed?

How will the nice folks in China react when the whole ugly scam is exposed?


For now, sitting in his palace in Pyongyang, owning vastly more than he's worth,

King Kim Jong-Il rules North Korea, the anus of the Earth.


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