Noah=s Ark

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Some Creationists have gone hunting. Their quest is not a lark.

They put tremendous effort into seeking Noah=s Ark.


I=m not sure what they=re thinking, what they have in mind.

What, after the elapse of millenia, can they possibly hope to find?


God was disappointed with humans: there was evil in their blood.

So He vowed to rub out Humanity with a raging, swirling flood.


To save His animals from drowning He chose the family of a single good man.

He sent a dream to Noah and laid out a simple plan.


So Noah and his family built and provisioned a giant wooden boat.

Even with all the animals on board, Noah=s ark would float.


Two by two the animals came and each pair went into their own stall.

Then Noah closed the hatch, just in time, as the rain began to fall.


For forty days and forty nights the rain came pouring down.

The flood waters rose and covered both countryside and town.


Aboard the boat the animals did what animals always do.

They turned tons and tons of feed into tons of reeking poo.


To muck out the boat Noah and his family were not able.

Over time the ark became a floating Augean stable.


It was vastly worse in the ark=s bilges, a space both dark and dank.

The worst got washed into that lowest level and, Lordy, how it stank!


For another ten months they stayed on the ark. Yeah, that was no Princess cruise.

Cooped up on that fetid boat they were desperate for any good news.


Finally the waters receded and the ark ran aground on a hill.

Dry land began to appear and staying on the ark required an effort of will.


Then one day the dove didn=t come back and Noah knew the land was ready.

He opened the hatch and animals went out in a stream both broad and steady.


Wheezing and gasping, the people left the ark and sprawled upon the new land they had found.

Noah lit a torch, heaved it in through the hatch, and burned the damned boat to the ground.


Freed from that stinking ark at last, Noah=s spirits were effervescent.

Subsequent rains washed the ash downstream and put the fertile into the Fertile Crescent.


In their efforts to find the ark the Creationists should know full well

that if any part of it still existed, they could find it by the smell.


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