The Most Vile Blasphemy

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To diminish God's image in the minds of men, to insult the Lord of Creation

is the universal definition of blasphemy to the people of every nation.

It arouses intense emotion. Those who commit it are deeply hated.

But a horrifying paradox comes to mind when its meaning is contemplated.

To claim that God is an impotent sissy that cannot Itself defend,

that to protect Itself from injured feelings upon puny humans It must depend;

To conjure the idea of wimpy God cowering on Its celestial throne,

weeping bitterly, wallowing in self-pity, and feeling very much alone;

To present the notion that God is weak and helpless, a big crybaby in the sky;

to say that those diminish the Deity's image and honor is something we can't deny.

So when we speak of blasphemy as something giving actionable offense,

we should be aware that the crime we assert simply doesn't make sense

For of all the blasphemies that you can conceive as expressions of human gall

the very idea of blasphemy itself is the most vile blasphemy of all.


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