Live Free or Die

(to be sung to the tune of the Russian folk song "Stenka Razin")


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I was born to live in freedom; I will never be a slave.

I will cherish all the rights for which their lives so many gave.


Some may say that I am biased. Here's my thought for what it's worth.

I'm a citizen by birthright of the best nation on Earth.


We are all created equal under custom and the law.

That's the wisdom of our culture that our Founding Fathers saw.


I can be whate'er I choose if I can only pass the test.

My birthright of freedom allows me to be the best.


We will strive with all our power, on this you can depend,

our nation's Constitution to uphold and to defend.


When we take our stand for freedom we will hold our banner high.

For the sake of our great country, we must all live free or die.

For the sake of our America, we must all live free or die.


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