A Little Esoteric Theology

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1. God is the boundary condition of the Universe.

2. The Universe has no boundary.

If you would know a given field, you must know the laws it obeys.

The conditions on its boundary determine the shape it displays.


It falls to the boundary condition its creative work to hallow

and not to let the universal forcefield at any time lie fallow.


We say ex nihilo nihil fit, nothing from nothing is made

and yet we see nothingís fruits around us all arrayed.


Touching Absolute Nothingness, the boundary cannot exist,

and yet it does so anyway, with a force nothing can resist.


Yes, now we have a paradox that in a few words we can express;

the boundary of space cannot exist, but itís out there nonetheless.


We will never see the boundary as it flees into eternal night;

it might as well not exist, as it flies at the speed of light.


If we could reach the boundary, we would see an infinitesimal point

surrounded completely by a spatial realm warped completely out of joint.


From a fountain that does not exist into an emptiness most profound

The Word of God bursts forth in giant waves of silent sound.


Aetherial waves spill outward from the boundary that does not exist

and fill space so that this illusion that we call Reality will long persist.


Near the time-frozen boundary the wind of Creation continues to blow

matter and energy into space with the Universeís own birth-glow.


Quantum waves made of nothing-real propagate through space,

adding and subtracting and putting matter in its place.


And matter tugs upon the waves, changing where they go

and the complexity of the Universe continues ever to grow.


The waves dance together in ever-increasing complexity,

forming patterns in matter and energy that inspire endless perplexity.


Inflating space with the force of existence and making time elapse,

the waves interfere with each other and create the realm of perhaps.


And the boundary completely surrounds us, out there in all directions,

hidden by the warp of space in all its dynamic inflections.


So we come upon an idea that should absolutely confound us.

In a very real sense we know that God is all around us.


When this array of matter and energy finally comes to rest

to what new Reality will its wave-pattern then attest?


When this material cloak falls away and turns back into dust,

the aetherial waves of my quantum soul will enact the ancient trust.


Thus we see the part of us that never goes away.

The quantum waves go on forever; never do they decay.


They provide the aetherial music to which all of matter dances;

the matter reacts back on it, its melody it then enhances.


And now weíll make a discovery that is truly very odd,

that fundamentally we are simply a song that sings itself to God.


Itís the forcefield we call Reality that God seeks forever to extend;

for as long as the boundary non-exists, the song will never end.


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