Linda Lee

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    This may be sung to the melody of "Aura Lea", a Civil War ballad that also provided the melody of Elvis Presley’s song, "Love Me Tender". Like its subject, it also has a secret identity, revealed in the hidden lyrics below.

When the blue jay in the Spring

in the apple tree,

sat and rocked, I heard him sing,

singing Linda Lee.

    If you see Linda Lee,

    girl with chestnut hair,

    you’ll know sunshine came with her

    and robins in the air.


Oh, dear sweet Linda Lee,

though she may seem strange,

to be near her my whole life

I would rearrange.


Now the frightened jay may fly

from the apple’s crown

as dark and cloudy winter sky

brings my spirits down.

    Yet if I should feel a touch

    from her dainty hand,

    warmth will thaw my freezing soul

    like sunlight on the land.

Repeat Chorus:

When the snow lies on the ground

freezing cold and deep,

nowhere can we hear a sound

as the world doth sleep.

    Linda Lee, hear my plea,

    abate cold winter’s sting.

    Light and warmth abide in thee

    and all the joys of spring.

Repeat Chorus:

The Hidden Lyrics

Kara Zor-El fell from the sky

one sunny day in May.

Her far-off home had been destroyed,

so on Earth she must stay.

    Fairy-child from the stars

    evokes Man’s primal fears,

    so under Linda’s brunette wig

    the blond girl disappears.


In the space where magic reigns

the aetherial comes real.

A superpower nimbus dwells

within the Girl of Steel.


Brandishing the Super-Ess

on her dress of blue,

she comes when disaster strikes;

there’s little she can’t do.

    Golden-haired Supergirl

    soars across the sky,

    glowing out for all to see

    hope that will not die.

Repeat Chorus:

Evil tries to push folks down,

to make them weak and small.

If Supergirl had her way,

we’d all be strong and tall.

    Against all evil, opposition

    is something to be dared;

    for Supergirl knows real power

    is something to be shared.

Repeat Chorus and End.


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