Linda Lee

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In May of 1959 to the Midvale Orphanage there came

a new girl with pigtails of chestnut brown; Linda Lee was her name.

Though quiet and polite, she was the strangest girl Mrs. Hart had ever known.

Too serious by far, she seemed like a spy who's afraid her cover will be blown.

She was said to have amnesia; of her past there wasn't a trace.

For all anyone knew of her she might have come from outer space.

And she seemed to come with the shadow of a little black cloud of bad luck.

In the odd limbo of the orphanage she seemed to have gotten stuck.

Mrs. Hart's attempts to place her in a foster home always got derailed.

Though an expert at adoptions, all her efforts on Linda's behalf failed.

Of any child Mrs. Hart never wanted to assume or to believe the worst,

but of Linda Lee she had to ask, "Is this poor girl cursed?"

She certainly seems to be haunted, as if of ghosts she had a great fear.

She would often stare at nothing with a horrified gaze, and then run away and disappear.

But she always came back as if nothing had happened, but here's where it gets a little scary.

When she came back she'd be wearing the smile of the cat that finally got the canary.

There was a mystery about her, certainly, one that she didn't want to have solved.

She had a secret that she wanted to keep, no matter what sacrifice it involved.

Events that occurred during Linda's stay should have made the truth suspected,

as it seemed that by some guardian angel the children were protected.

When Baby Janet caught her head in a plastic bag the outcome was downright fantastic;

her life was saved by a gash that appeared as if some ray had burned it into the plastic.

Once Freddy Blake claimed in all seriousness that he saw Linda do an impossible thing,

running faster than any human can move to catch Mary Jane when she fell from a swing.

Of course it had to be an illusion, a trick of perspective no doubt.

If Linda Lee really had superpowers, by now someone surely would have found out.

Or not, for we all see what we are prepared to see and don't notice a sly deflection.

With all the skill of a stage magician, Linda is an expert at misdirection.

And once there was a crack in the sidewalk, over which a child might trip and fall.

Then the crack simply disappeared, as if it had never been there at all.

But if anyone had known where to look, they would have been mystified;

for the concrete, as if by a heat ray, had been thoroughly vitrified.

And what does that have to do with Linda? This'll send shivers up your back.

Just before it disappeared she had been staring intently at the crack.

She really is an enigma to folks, a real puzzle without a doubt.

Though in spite of all the clues they had, nobody figured it out.

But to those of us in another Universe, gazing through the window of a comic book,

the solution of the mystery was presented each month to those who had only to look.

The answer was more awesomely mind-blowing than any drug we ever tripped on;

for in fact the delightful Miss Linda Lee is the Supergirl from Krypton.


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