The King=s Petard

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They didn=t grow a giant stalk, as in the fairy tale,

but when he ate a few of them he would blow a stinking gale.


Before every battle he would sit and enjoy a leguminous repast

and then attack the enemy with a devastating blast.


The greatest of the knights of old, he struck fear into his enemies= hearts,

because they knew that he could bring them down by blowing humongous farts.


He stood upwind and a suffocating cloud from his mighty butt did blow.

Moments later scores of the king=s enemies were suddenly laid low.


Yes, he had fueled himself with a repast completely leguminous.

And when the cloud reached the enemy camp it became strangely luminous.


It had touched an enemy campfire and thundered on that fateful day.

The fart caught fire and exploded and blew the enemy away.


The remaining enemy panicked and ran, because they knew they had no protection

when Sir Gasalot stood up and cried out, AI fart in your general direction!@


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