The Jihadi Scam

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Commit yourself to true jihad, go with all of your might;

for a thoroughly corrupted religion is surely a swindler=s delight.


He wields the power of fatwa; he can have anybody killed.

Soon he will have the power to get all his wishes fulfilled.


No one will dare oppose him; at least that=s what he hopes.

Yes, religion is such a convenient tool for organizing dopes.


Christian preachers have done it for decades, but the imams have the better swindle.

It=s hard to stir up hate in America now, but Muslim rage is easy to kindle.


That Muslims must work hard in this world, to this idea they are resistant.

They see no point in exerting themselves; for their faith in Allah is non-existent.


AGod helps those who help themselves@ is just a clever way of saying

you=ll never gain anything in this world from faith or from praying.


The imams ensure that the line from intelligence to action is completely interrupted.

So now we can see clearly how Islam was totally corrupted.


In Allah=s name they make their appeal against a common foe.

The donors open their bank accounts and the money begins to flow.


Yeah, the dough rolls in, the imams thrive, and the suckers go to die.

The patsies murder scores of innocent folk without knowing truly why.


Imam Camelputz Blowfart enjoys running an Islamic mob.

For the weak and the lazy it=s surely better than going and getting a job.


They find some guy who couldn=t make it, even as a chicken plucker.

He=s just the kind of guy they need to be their jihadi sucker.


And what does he get for going out and becoming gruesomely dead?

A cheapo video of his farewell and an Islamic pat on the head.


He was born to be a man, so he should have stood and fought it.

But he grew up as a dummy, so he fell for the scam and bought it.


He=s really just a waste of flesh, merely some poor dumb slob.

Like his leaders, he=s inadequate to do good, to get a real job.


And if he should question the leaders, ask why they don=t wear a bomb,

They reply with sly deceit and a criminally cool aplomb.


AI=m needed here,@ the imam says, AGo in my place my brother!@

But if he were lost wouldn=t you think that Allah would send another?


But shahid is now a synonym for idiot, moron, imbecile, and fool.

He=s not a beloved brother, but a perfectly expendable tool.


So in a world completely bleak, utterly cold, and mirthless

this poor clown, we soon find out, isn=t even worthless.


APeace upon those who follow the light of guidance,@ they say

as they give their patsy his bomb and send him on his way.


Their hearts truly bleed and weep for this poor stupid bloke.

But the sucker is already gone and he never got the joke.


Though it may be hard for us to believe, this pathetic crowd

is carrying out a scheme that would make Charles Darwin proud.


Yes, a process of selection is making the unfit pass away.

The dumb ones kill themselves and the weak ones are a Predator=s prey.


And in the distant future, unlike in times more recent,

all the remaining Muslims will be smart, tough, and decent.


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