The Japanese

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We see a graceful island arc of nineteen-hundred-mile span.

The people who live on it call it Nippon; the rest of us call it Japan.


The people say they have descended from a tribe they call Yamato.

Their flag looks like a white tablecloth displaying a big beefsteak tomato.


They believe in a form of animism that=s just divinely peachy.

We call this belief Shinto; they say kami no michi.


These sea-faring folk love to eat raw fish all cold and gooshy.

They combine it with rice and veggies and put it on the menu as sushi.


Take care that you not offend and call the sumo fighter fat,

lest he roll himself over you and squish you oh-so flat.


If you want to see something that=s really totally spooky,

then go out on the town and attend the weird show that they call kabuki.


Certain sneaky guys lurk around their society=s fringes.

They=re professional assassins. The Japanese call them ninjas.


Their idea of social acceptability is really a lalapalooza.

They even make a place in their society for the vile criminal yakuza.


They used to be rather warlike, but then they got hideously rebuked.

They are still the only people on Earth who have had their cities nuked.


There=s a hundred million of them, but I really ought to warn ya.

They occupy a mountainous land about the size of California.


They can still find plenty of happiness and when they shout for joy,

they jump up and raise their arms as they yell a loud AWashoi!@


Go enjoy their native drinks but don=t get excessively cocky.

You can still get plenty schnockered on the rice wine they call sake.


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