Irjaf, Jihad’s Evil Twin

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Muslim terrorists have a message for us and decoding it is a snap.

The terrorists want us all to know that Islam is a load of crap.

    Irjaf is what they practice. Their minds run in Medieval ruts.

    They believe they’re wise, but the rest of us know they’re nuts.

Maybe living in a desert makes brains run hot, while the rest of us stay cool.

That’s why we’re so much more rational, while the irjafi is a jabbering fool.

    If we become Muslims must we also become frantic buffoons,

    who want to murder dozens of folks over a bunch of dumb cartoons?

An "artist" dipped a crucifix in urine, treated the Son of God like dirt,

but nobody ever got murdered for that, nobody even got hurt.

    If we’re looking for upsetting cartoons to present, boy, are we in luck!

    Christians are so Mickey Mouse, but the irjafi is Donald Duck.

And when the irjafi meets his end and finally goes to Hell,

he’ll meet his master and Satan will say, "You did my work so well!"


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