Homage to a Glitch

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Gaze tolerantly upon art that=s flawed and forgive the artist=s error;

for truly such art mimics the world and stokes a philosopher=s terror.

Only God can create perfection,

so artists err for our protection.

Artists err deliberately, we claim, so that God won=t become jealous,

but in pursuing that effort the artists may have been a little bit overzealous.

Ask anyone who plays the physics game

and he or she will likely claim,

AMatter and antimatter were first created in equal amount, there=s no doubt,

so coming together in mutual annihilation they should have cancelled perfectly out.

Only photons, neutrinos, and space there would be

and no matter, no life, afloat on the Cosmic Sea.@

We see the peak of cosmic perfection in that bleak, lifeless state

and perhaps that=s the universe that God actually intended to create.

But at the Creation or some time latter

a cosmic glitch created more matter.

And thus were enabled to exist the galaxies, nebulae, and stars,

wondrous evolution of myriad worlds and forms from an imperfect Creation=s scars.

And apparently God had no objection

to Its creatures= striving to achieve perfection.

But now, like a spider skittering across my mind, I conceive a thought truly odd.

In practicing reverence through deliberate errors are artists actually mocking God?

AHeaven forbid!@ I intended to say,

but to answer that prayer there=s only one way.

If God could ever be moved, by prayer or pique, to want to see Its error corrected,

It need only assert Its creative will and decree that the Universe be perfected.


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