Hologrammatically, We Are

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We are each the complete collection of our memories, however molecular that set may be.

My memories of specific places and events are what make this human uniquely me.

Memories of all I have perceived and felt make me uniquely so.

Consciousness is merely recall, which lets each of us say, "I know."

Beginning, tabula rasa, in an elaborate chemical swirl,

a living scaffolding comes into being and then proceeds to unfurl,

an entity whose very existence into the Šther impresses

the pattern, down to the last detail, of what every experience expresses.

This town and those mountains, this time and place,

everything around me bestows life's special grace.

This unique array of matter and energy, of objects and events,

of sights and sounds, of blessed textures and of my favorite scents.

All gathered into associations recorded in all detail to the utmost,

so that one part, if ever perceived, conjures up the other as a ghost.

We are loci of experience, matter arrayed for a pattern to unfold

as we pass through this world evoking new experiences to imprint upon the old.

Do we choose what we will be or are we merely chosen?

Can we decide whither to go or is our fate forever frozen?

And when this scaffold falls away and a more subtle light shines us through,

what strange auroras will rise from this Earth and a better existence pursue?


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