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A religion that needs a police force is unworthy of human faith.

It presents its central deity as an impotent, worthless wraith.


But such police are needed in a culture where men and boys

are taught that girls and women are nothing more than toys.


If we measure inner strength on some arbitrary scale,

we find that thereís a stronger sex and it certainly isnít male.


In America itís a low-class joke and something of a disgrace,

but in these retarded societies they actually put a bag over a womanís face.


An Islamic man is conditioned by years of fatwa rants.

If he sees a womanís face, he will quickly wet his pants.


So the women have to suffer because their men lack self-control.

They have to hide their beauty from the anal-retentives on patrol.


The pious Wahhabi policeman is a total moral fool.

When he saw girls without their abayas, he forced them back into a burning school.


The vile morality police certainly need their intelligence enhanced.

When it comes to moral wisdom, Fred Flintstone was more advanced.


Yes, too often religion is used as an inferior manís excuse

for compensating his weakness by subjecting women to abuse.


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