Eye of the Needle

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"I’m doing the work of God," the CEO smugly said,

"God’s blessing is upon me in the millions of dollars I get paid."


He’s always had wealth and privilege offered him on a silver platter.

He’s never done any real work, but to him it doesn’t matter.


Work if for inferior people in the doctrine he observes.

He just wants the money, which he believes he richly deserves.


But it’s other people’s money that this plunderpig casually steals.

Point that fact out to him and listen to how he squeals.


He wants to drive the little people into tedious, low-paying jobs.

Like any common criminal, he despises the people he robs.


He cares nothing for the little people upon whose lives he callously tramples.

He’s a superior being, he believes, one of Humanity’s finest examples.


Our CEO will get a reality check and it’s going to be truly shocking

when he learns the full truth of the religion he has been insistently mocking.


He regards the caring about others as nothing but sissy weakness.

But true toughness comes from sacrificing oneself to proper Christian meekness.


Humility, the sacrifice of one’s own self, is the basis for all Christian morality.

Compassion and kindness encompass Christian behavior in all its glorious totality.


For God dislikes self-indulgence, the source of every sin and crime.

Those who overcome themselves receive God’s favor ‘til the end of time.


A wise man came to us and told us all a very long time ago

if we want to enter the Kingdom of God what we need to know.


The Nineteenth chapter of Matthew’s Gospel contains a valuable clue

to what those obsessed by greed must absolutely do.


"Sell all you possess and give to the poor," the rich young man was told.

He refused because he couldn’t bear the thought of giving up his gold.


Is our CEO so different from that dolt in clinging to his wealth?

Will he fare any differently in the state of his spiritual health?


He believes he deserves a big reward, though he disdains all honest work.

Heaven simply has no place for such a tight-hearted jerk.


Carrying his ill-gotten wealth, which he may curse with bitter rancor,

is like trying to swim the ocean while holding a battleship’s anchor.


He has less chance of going to Heaven, though he may beg, plead, or wheedle,

than he has of squeezing a camel through the eye of a sewing needle.


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