Superman's Family: I

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Superman's thrice-great grand-uncle Eiff was an engineer of renown.

His greatest work stands for all to see on a hill above Kandor town.


He brought fame, honor, and authority to the noble Clan of El

by taking jobs that no one wanted and striving to do them well.


Once the City of Kandor needed an antenna raised up high,

but such a feat on this high-gravity world no one wanted to try.


Television was still a new phenomenon on the planet Krypton, it seems.

To send its signal from city to city they had to use microwave beams.


To maximize range they put their antennae on top of mountains and hills.

On a five-gee world it was a project guaranteed to challenge their superhuman wills.


But Kandor lay on a level plain, out of the nearest mountain's line of sight.

So their microwave relay antenna would have to be given additional height.


It wasn't a great commission, it's true, but Eiff was no preening snob.

He submitted a design and a budget and the city council gave him the job.


He gathered his workers and his materials and on the site they were able

to erect a lightweight structure that was strong and magnificently stable.


So atop the highest hill they extended the range of its broadcast power

by hoisting the antenna to the very top of the amazing Eiff-El tower.


Then there was Superman's ten-times-great grandfather, Ray-El, who built a road, but that's another story.



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