Drill, Baby, Drill

2010 Jun 21

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    This poem was inspired by the explosion of the Deepwater Horizon oil-drilling rig in the Gulf of Mexico on 2010 Apr 20 and the subsequent oil spill.

Drill, baby, drill the politicians told us.

Oh, what a load of crap those politicians sold us!

    Drill, baby, drill, Ďcause nothing can go wrong.

    We need to drill for oil to keep our country strong.

Drill, baby, drill, put the wellhead a mile below.

We know we wonít lose a single drop in the Gulf of Mexico.

    Drill, baby, drill, as our rig rips up the night

    with thunderous explosions shedding copious heat and light.

Spill, baby, spill a million gallons a day.

Hey, weíre really sorry, Ďcause thatís our profits blowing away.

    Kill, baby, kill both life and commerce in the sea.

    Stop whining, Louisiana; itís only Texas tea.

Grill, baby, grill corporate hacks on the witness stand.

Demand to know why they so carelessly sullied this pristine land.

    Drill, baby, drill for the sake of endless greed

    and just donít give a damn about any other need.

Drill, baby, drill; if it blows, donít cause a flap.

About your stupid fisheries we just donít give a crap.

    Chill, baby, chill is what our CEO wants to do.

    He just wants to get his life back and a little yacht racing, too.

Thrill, baby, thrill to the oil companiesí deep contempt

for those silly industrial safety rules, from which they feel exempt.

    So drill, baby, drill, though it brings your blood to a boil.

    Until we develop alternative energy weíll remain enslaved to oil.


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