Darwinian Short-Cut

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I wandered out of Africa to see what the world had in store

and when I saw the glaciers I became much more than I was before.


I made new tools and learned new skills; in this I never faltered.

And when I had done what I was not meant to do, my soul was irrevocably altered.


The stories we told, the songs we sang distilled the essence of the Real.

Now they replace genetics in teaching us what to know and how to feel.


Yes, I died many times, but while I lived I gained a special merit,

a knowledge of living an unnatural life that my heirs will ever inherit.


I set my foot onto a wooden isle and stepped onto the sea

and when I set my foot on land again I had become much more than me.


I caught the wind in a fine-mesh net and across the deep I ranged.

As I did what I was never meant to do my soul was forever changed.


I'm not a fish; I'm not a whale; I don't belong on the sea.

When I go whither I am not meant to go, I must learn new ways to be.


I met the challenge and became a mammal no longer kept on land.

And the farther I go from my natural home, the more I understand.


Now I stand upon a cloud of fire and leap into outer space,

and I wonder as I rise how this act will change the Earthborn human race.


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