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    This is a parody of the poem "Invictus" written by William Ernest Henley. It was inspired by the atrocity inflicted on the people of the City of Flint, Michigan by the governor and his henchmen.

Run government like a business, we say;

that is our guiding creed.

Save a penny wherever we may

in the service of wealth and greed.


We saved some bucks in our clever scheme

when we forced some folks to take

their water from a polluted stream

and not from the cleaner lake.


Then the people started getting sick

and children were falling dead.

Pipes were corroded by acid thick

and the water was full of lead.


Now we are facing wrath and tears.

People’s anger will not abate.

To send us to prison for many years

the people just cannot wait.


Open wide the forgiveness gate.

Take our punishments off the scrolls.

For we are not masters of our fate;

Lord Satan owns our souls.


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