A Contemplation of Ghosts

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As I lie deep in Earth=s shadow and sink into blessed sleep,

ghosts of spooky actions at a distance emerge from the Štherial deep.


As the world dissolves around me and I come unstuck from mundane cares,

spiders made of nothing entangle photons in their quantum snares.


And as I wander Alice Liddel=s Wonderland, where nothing is as it seems,

an especially disturbing spectre comes and haunts my dreams.


In the vortex of K°bnhavn, in the Grand March of the Danes,

the spectral shimmers the world as it waxes and it wanes.


Hans Christian Andersen and Niels Bohr grew up in that town,

explored deepest enchantment, then for us wrote it down.


Niels Andersen and Hans Christian Bohr; which is one and which the other?

Who has looked through Reality=s veil and seen the world=s true mother?


Fantastic wonders both have seen, each in his imagination

Fairy tales that we all love and the Copenhagen Interpretation.


They drew inspiration from a realm that only they could see,

to vex the existence of electrons and pain a princess with a pea.


A little mermaid rides a wave function and cannot see where she=s at.

An unseen match girl can live forever; an ugly duckling confronts Schr÷dinger=s cat.


Pattern impregnates matter; to existence that=s essential.

Matter necessitates pattern in a Universe existential.


Reality cannot exist until Creation makes it go.

Existence cannot come real, but that seeing makes it so.


George Berkeley said much the same thing so very long ago,

nothing ever truly exists, but that looking makes it so.


Are you a figment of my imagination or am I a figment of yours?

How can we claim that Reality exists when nothing truly endures?


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