Compassion and Inner Strength

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Donít get too full of yourself, lest for others you have no room.

A soul empty of company will lead you to your doom.


Alone in the world, all by yourself, you are vulnerable to every disstrain.

If you have only yourself to consider, how easily will you feel pain.


Without others to share your pain, youíll suffer from minor cares.

To be worthy of others sharing your pains, you must also suffer theirs.


To sacrifice yourself for othersí needs is what true strength requires;

only the weak-souled sacrifice others for the sake of their own desires.


Entwine yourself with others through the tendrils of your soul.

Know that being rooted in another will make you complete and whole.


The honest way to care for people doesnít take a genius to see.

Care about people for who they are and not for who you want them to be.


As your soul embraces the people around you with a kind and caring grace,

you will find that you are a valued member of the blessed human race.


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