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Take salty water and let it stand and as the water evaporates

sparkling white crystals begin to grow and their flavor concentrates.

"You are the salt of the Earth," the Master said, "God looks on you with favor.

But what good is salt," he had to ask, "that has gone and lost its savor?"

So we must take care to separate the savory from the distasteful.

To leave our souls steeping in sin would just be sad and wasteful.

And the most sinister of the sin-mongers are those who would restrain

the spiritual evolution of those who have the most to gain.

Pimps of Christ telling us that we need divine absolution

have turned transcendent Christianity into a vile act of prostitution.

In their swishy costumes they prance about to venerate a saint

or thump a Bible and gibber in tongues. Dignified it ain't.

Crabby fundamentalists, a bunch of Christacean fools,

care nothing about what Jesus taught; they just want to make the rules

that the rest of us are forced to obey as if we were their slaves,

but we'll see who gets the last laugh when we're all in our graves.

Faith healers, evangelists, and other pious clowns pray and put on a show

to exalt themselves over the rest of us. But there's something they should know.

"They've made of my Father's blessed house," we heard the Master yell,

"a den of thieves and scoundrels who deserve to go to Hell!"

Yes, religion is not a tool to use to dominate your neighbors

or to extract from them for your own use the fruits of their hard labors.

And God is not is not a thing to be commanded, wheedled, begged or cajoled.

Do not presume to think that It will do whatever It is told.

Religion is but a first step on a great journey across a vast abyss.

You must transcend it if you want to soar, like a butterfly shedding its chrysalis.

So dismiss the priest and the preacher, the Caliph and the Pope.

They can't give you anything of value: they only offer false hope.

Ridiculed as Quakers, the Society of Friends are the ones who got it right.

In their worship they sit in silence and wait to receive inner light.

For if God has something to say, there's nothing you can do.

You don't need to seek out God: It will come to you.

You need only open your soul and vow that you won't resist

whatever you receive from the voiceless Word that makes everything exist.

The most beautiful music you can ever hear, that can make tears run down your cheek

cannot move you nearly as much as the silent melody coming from what you seek.

For Jesus taught one simple thing that should take away your breath.

He said that decent people have no reason ever to feel the fear of death.

"The kingdom of God lies within you," he added, "built by whatever you do.

Whatever you do to others in this life, in the next will be done to you."

Having nothing to do with God, the professional religion pushers will get

the afterlife they truly deserve - endless suffering and eternal regret.

The rest of us get to enjoy and endless happy celebration

of the blessing brought to us by the ultimate Protestant Reformation.

So we'll let the turbid brine of this world drain off and take away all that is bitter

and leave our souls as gleaming Christals, in God's light to sparkle and glitter.


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