O, Little Can of Sauerkraut

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This may be sung to the melody of "O, Little Town of Bethlehem". I put this into the Politically Incorrect section because of its subject matter and because, letís face it, itís just rude.

O, little can of sauerkraut, a tasty German treat,

I heat you in a saucepan and then sit right down to eat.


You stroke my lusty tastebuds, then inside my gut you dwell,

producing gas that yields a stench that comes straight out of Hell.


And now my poor chapped buttcheeks emit the crack of Doom.

I look around and see that I have fully cleared the room.


O, little can of sauerkraut, you make a meal complete.

Sauerkrautís the vegetable and knockwurst is the meat.


When I start cooking sauerkraut the neighbors scream and yell.

Theyíve been tipped off to my plans by its harsh pungent smell.


Itís not my stinky cooking that makes them complain so.

They anticipate the giant fart that Iím about to blow.


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