A California Disgrace

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This bit of doggerel was inspire by a rather hideous gang-rape that occurred in the city of Richmond, California, in October of 2009. The atrocity was made especially despicable by the fact that, as a gang of teenaged thugs beat and raped a girl after a school dance, several dozen people merely watched and recorded the event on their cell-phones, none of them bothering to call the police, much less intervene.

AYo, there, homie, we gonna rape this bitch!

You can watch if you want, but don= t be no snitch!@


AYeah, when we beat up a girl we pull out all the stops.

Just be good to us and don=t call the cops!@


And with all that cowardice on public display

a few dozen people shrugged and said AOK!@


Yes, of torturing a girl the thugs are proud,

but they really don=t want anybody to say it out loud.


All that evil needs to successfully work its will

is for otherwise good people to keep quiet and still.


All the crooks know this and that=s why they say,

AJust keep your mouth shut! Don= t give us away!@


They can turn our world into a foretaste of Hell

as long as they convince us never to tell.


Yes, what you do by yourself is truly nobody=s concern.

But what you do to others all have a right to learn.


If your actions affect others, then it=s right that you be judged.

From this simple doctrine we must never be budged.


If we all expose bad things to the harsh light of day,

then the purveyors of evil will pack up and skulk away.


So if you truly want to live in full social peace,

then betray every scumbag to your city=s police.


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