The Bomber=s Reward

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Welcome, Brother, to your final reward in jolly jihadi Heaven.

You wanted to blow up an airliner, so were giving you a 747.


You better get to puffing and we don=t want to hear you blubber.

Your airplane is one-to-one scale and made of soft, thin rubber.


Oh, did you really believe that jihadi crap that you were so easily fed?

When did you decide to make a cesspool of the inside of your head?


We=re off now to attend one of Allah=s parties and we really must get going.

No, you won=t be coming. You=re not invited. So you better get to blowing.


By the way, it=s got a leak and it=s up to you to catch it.

Here=s some glue and a sheet of rubber that you can use to patch it.


As one of Heaven=s windier spots this place has a wide renown.

You might want to consider taking some time to tie your airplane down.


Oh, brace yourself and hold your nose, though you=ve barely gotten started.

That dust cloud in the distance means that just for you Satan went and farted.


The vile wind comes and picks up your plane as if it weighed mere ounces.

There it goes across the prickly desert. See how gaily it bounces.


Oh, it=s headed toward those fishermen carrying the hooks they use for gaffing.

They=ll catch it for you and that roar you hear is the entire world laughing.


Yes, you fool, by your Islamic buddies you=ve been thoroughly, completely scammed.

You fell for their swindle and now for all eternity you=re well and truly damned.


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